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Model Railroad Layout Tours: Z & N Scales

Z Scale Layouts:

  • Animators & Railroads: Animator Jan-Eric Nystrom's adventures in building different Z scale layouts. (7/3/97) Dates shown are original entry dates.)
  • Bjoerkli Railroad: Have you ZZeen it? American style Z-scale layout, amazing wood trestle. Follow the building of a new layout.  (4/5/03)
  • The James River Branch Railroad: The James River Branch is a small Z Scale model railroad begun in July 2007 and documented for the benefit of Z Scalers and the enjoyment of model railroaders working in any scale. (2/28/10)
  • The Pine Creek Railroad: The Pine Creek Railroad in Z scale is a true modeling adventure, an accurate replica of the three-foot narrow gauge Pine Creek Railroad in Allaire State Park, New Jersey. (2/28/10)
  • Val Ease Central Railroad:Award winning NMRA Gold Spike Z scale layout built in 3 suitcases. (5/5/01)

N Scale Layouts:

  • The Adirondack Line: 15'x15' USA prototype multideck layout under construction in the UK based on prototype research. Designed for DCC and operations. (7/9/99)
  • Adrisport & Codyville Railroad: N-scale layout built on a 36" door; includes photos and information of construction, engines, rolling stock, structures, and operations. (8/27/01)
  • Albuquerque Carnuel & Tijeras RR: The ACTRR is a 8' X 19.5' ATSF based railroad that interconnects Albuquerque NM to El Paso TX via the Horny Toad Division of the ACTRR. With the main community being the fictitious Kachina NM.(8-12-05)
  • Arida Ville N-Scale Layout: I built it in N-scale because of limited space, it replicas from European prototype of both buildings and trains. (7/11/00)
  • Atlantic New England Model Railroad: A fictitious merged east coast railroad made up of names we liked and maybe didn't.(5/16/03)
  • Augsburg & Concord Railroad: An N-Scale freelanced layout. (5/5/01)
  • Bare Mountain Railroad: An N scale model railroad located in the state of Fremont (which is, as you recall from school, a very small state!). The site includes several custom built locomotives. (4/3/99)
  • Bill's Railroad Empire: The story and photos of an 11'x3' N scale railroad featuring Bill's Circus, U.S. Army Military, Downtown, and Along the Highway Scenes. Railroad has digital sound and 222 lights.  (3/11/02)
  • BNSF Horse Thief Bridge Sub.: A sectional N gauge model railroad depicting the BNSF somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. The layout is being built in London, UK for conventions / ehibitions. (11-25-08)
  • Burnt Hills and Big Flats: The BH&BF is a 14 foot by 15 foot N scale layout in Pasco WA. It is freelanced, but based upon the New York Ontario and Western in a 1970 timeframe. Prototype style operating sessions are held monthly. (6-8-01)
  • Braunlage - Andreasberger - Eisenbahn: narrow gauge in the Harz mountains (Germany); 16 x 19 feet point to point partially double deck and mushroom upside down.  (5-1-06)
  • Bryan's Model Allegheny Railroad Page: A site devoted to both the real Allegheny Railroad and a freelanced model version. (4/13/02)
  • Charlie's Western Maryland: Photos of my layout plus prototype photos of Western Maryland and CSX. (3/4/99)
  • Chicago & North Western Tap Creek Branch: A freelanced N scale model railroad set in the American Midwest and inspired by a Model Railroader article.  (2/10/03)
  • Christophe's Railway World - Le Monde ferroviaire de Christophe: Site is in the French Language. Pictures of my first N-scale Layout of station Chambrelien (Switzerland), of a small HO-scale module and of my new N-scale layout under construction. (Francais) (5/5/01)
  • Clinchfield Railroad N-scale Blue Ridge Division: N-scale layout based on the former Clinchfield Railroad operations between Erwin, TN and Bostic NC in the early to mid 1970's.. (2-22-09)
  • C&O New River Subdivision: Information for modeling the C&O Railroad in the New River, particularly during the steam to diesel transition era, in N scale. A prior NMRA Webmaster's Choice winner. (6/6/99)
  • CSXT Shenandoah Division: This web site features the design, construction, and operations of the CSXT Shenandoah Division, a 17' x 43' double-deck N scale model railroad. (3/11/02)
  • Don's Dream World (DDW): A freelanced layout depicting rural Japan in the transition era.(5-14-04)
  • Eisenbahn: A N scale German layout with tips and photos. (3/12/00)
  • Evert's Model Railroad Page: This site documents the construction of my N and HO scale layout. It contains several Cadrail track plans, tutorials, and lots of pictures of the layout in progress. (12-8-08)
  • Free Model Train Tours: Goes around the perimeter of my apartment. (7-19-04)
  • Georgetown & Allen Mountain Railroad: The Georgetown & Allen Mountain Railroad is a fictional Class 1 railroad which runs somewhere in the American West. (3-23-12)
  • Gila Springs & Mesquite Railroad: N scale model railroad. (3-23-12)
  • Jerry Britton's PRR Eastern Region: Digitrax-controlled, accurately modeled layout depicting the PRR's Philadelphia, Middle, and Pittsburgh divisions.  (11/20/02)
  • Lake Erie & Ohio Railway: Modular, scenery-oriented layout owned by Peter Maurath and Chris Burchett for display at select TAMR show tables. (3-29-05)
  • Lahntalbahn in N: Lahntalbahn in scale N (1:160)(5-12-05)
  • Low Rivers subdivision: Italian built, midwestern layout in N scale. (7/26/02)
  • Maryland and Western RR Co.: A freelanced version of the Chessie System depicting the area from Baltimore, Maryland to Columbus, Ohio.(6/01/01)
  • Modellbahnanlagen Spur N: German website, which features my my model railroad hobby in (N scale). (10-29-09)
  • N scale layouts and track plans: Munich, Germany. English website with German N scale track plans and layouts (Munich station, Rhine river sceneries etc). (10-13-12)
  • Nihon Mokei Tetsudo: Modern Japanese layout project. The overall design of the layout is a large city station scene on one side, with a rural scene on the other side. (4/10/00)
  • Norfolk Southern Tug Fork Division: I will be showing the construction stages of this layout. (7/11/00)
  • Norfolk Southern's Pocahontas Division: Take a tour along the in progress empire of Vince Chrysler's N scale Pocahontas Division. (9/10/99)
  • Pacific Desert Lines: One of the largest N scale permanent layouts in the world and is the home railroad of the San Diego Society of N Scale. (8/27/97)
  • Pennsylvania RR in N scale: PRR Northern Region operations in N scale, mounted on a 36"X80" door.(5-22-04)
  • PH & LF RailRoad Association, the Ntrak Dutch Division: The construction of a Ntrak model railroad in The Netherlands. (4/8/02)
  • Puddington Valley Division of the CPR: It's 1973 and you're in the interior of British Columbia on an imaginary sub of the Canadian Pacific Railway. (4-18-05)
  • Possum Flats RailWay: 10' shelf layout featuring Bavarian and American scenes. (2/10/03)
  • PRR Cottingdon-Mochel Branch: An imaginary Coal hauling branch of the PRR with trackage rights for the Western Maryland and B&O. (4/30/02)
  • San Diego Model Railroad Clubs: Multiple model railroad clubs sharing one building and representing most modeled scales, including N. (5/16/01)
  • Sandy River & West Forrest N-scale Model Railroad: This is a fictitious American railroad, and the site has picture galleries and How To Do pages. E-pass can be issued as well. (9/27/99)
  • The Sceniced and Undecided Railway: Rick Spano's sprawling S&U represents lines and scenes from north central to northwest United States and the Canadian Rockies. The S&U has been seen by hundreds of visitors from around the world, and features many animated scenes and special effects. (5-1-09)
  • Shady Creek Modular N Scale Layout: A small, but growing, modular N Scale layout with plenty of operation potential. (12/10/01)
  • Shauns Model Railway Project : Site to record my attempt to build my first proper layout, page for each section and online forum provided. (12-3-05)
  • Skookum Logging & Transport: A freelance, N-scale, transition era railroad logging layout, capturing the flavor of the Pacific Northwest transition logging era. (7/11/00)
  • Smallphry.com - Diary of a layout: An online diary (blog) following the construction of a modern image N gauge UK based layout with DCC control. (4-20-06)
  • Small World Layouts: A smaller dimension in N-Gauge! Visit, then do get in touch through E-mail or the Guest Book! (2-13-05)
  • South Western & Pacific Railroad: A fictitious N scale model railroad based upon today's operating practices, motive power, and rolling stock. Featured in Model Railroader. (9/7/98)
  • The Southview Lines: I am in the process of building my own interpretation of the Norfolk Southern in N scale. (9/12/99)
  • Superior, Petoskey, & Tahquamenon Village Railroad: Loosely based on the 34 mile long Kalamazoo & South Haven Railroad, which ran between its namesake cities in MI. (10/4/98)
  • TBA Railway: An N scale railroad that has been growing in my garage for a few years. (1/23/00)
  • Tennessee Pass, Colorado: An N scale layout depicting the DRGW's Tennessee Pass line in the period 1985-1993. (6-27-05)
  • Texas Central Railroad: Bob Batson's freelanced railroad depicting rural Central Texas between Fort Worth and Austin, designed to be an operations-oriented layout, with semi-serious operating sessions. (8/21/97)
  • Tincup & Western Railroad: A small road operating in western Colorado at the turn of the century. (5/24/99)
  • TraiN'ternet - American Model Railroading In France: American model railroading in France. Prototypes, layouts, DCC, model photography, hints & tips and much more. (French/English) (8/31/00)
  • Tuolumne & Sierra Foothill Railroad:  N scale layout serving the lumber and mining industries of the central Sierras in the early 1900's. (10/01/01)
  • Union Pacific First Idaho Subdivision: A portable railroad representing the Union Pacific c.1984 in Kemmerer, Wyoming. (7-1-01)
  • The N Scale Uxbridge Central: A 4x8 N scale freelance layout showing progress while being constructed. (9-6-03)
  • The Valley before Silicon: A layout representing the region from the City to San Jose CA at the time when silicon was used just in concrete, orchards were along the right of way and prunes trees were full of flowers. (7-23-09)
  • West Mountain Railroad: My N Scale freelanced shortline, various stages of completion.(6-17-05)
  • Western Valley Railroad: A small 2'x4' N-scale layout that's giant fun. (5/5/01)
  • The White River and Northern: Featured in the 2000 issue of Great Model Railroads, the N Scale White River and Northern has had a long and varied history. Here's the whole story about the railroad with five lives and counting. (2/28/10)

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