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The NMRA Conformance and Inspection Committee has inspected hundreds of products over the years. NMRA Conformance Warrants are issued to those that meet the necessary criteria.

To obtain these warrants, each product had to adhere to all NMRA Standards, applicable Recommended Practices and Industry Norms. This is not an easy thing to do and it required significant effort on the part of the manufacturer to ensure that these products are in full compliance to NMRA requirements. Each of these manufacturers is to be commended for their efforts in this regard!

NMRA Conformance Warrants are perpetual.

The table below indicates those products that have active NMRA Conformance Warrants:

For a PDF of Warrants, click here (2012 Sept 16).

The table below still needs updating.

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Warrant (▲▼) Manufacturer (▲▼) Product (▲▼) Type (▲▼)
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