Manufacturers: Software

  • 3D Train Stuff: Premiere developer of 3rd Party content for train and railroad simulators including Microsoft Train Simulator, Auran TRAINZ, and Train Master. (6-28-01) (Dates shown are original entry dates.)
  • 3DTrains: 3D Locomotive Digital Art - Specializing in F and E-Unit covered wagons for Microsoft Train Simulator. (7-26-02)
  • Abracadata: Over 12 software programs for Windows and Macintosh for designing layouts and running trains. Free Demos available. (3-30-03)
  • Advanced Model Railroading Software solutions: Tayden Design specializes in providing a wide range of innovative model railroading software solutions to provide model railroaders advanced technology to enhance their hobby. (11-24-02)
  • Albion Software: Producers of Ship It, a switchlist generator and Railbase Professional. (5/5/97)
  • Alpine Software: Since 1990 Alpine Software has been producing quality model railroad inventory software. Our current offering is Trainventory. (8-25-09)
  • Automatic Train Control: Freeware for users of North Coast Engineering or System One users. See home page for details. (11-4-03)
  • CTI Electronics: Manufacturer of computer controlled model railroad control systems and software for integrating a PC into the operation of your model railroad. (6/26/97)
  • The Conductor: Software for command control providing prototype and non prototype software. License for porting TDPro 32 to model railroad market by Train Tracks, Inc. (9/11/99)
  • Decapod Systems: Decapod Systems provides switchlist and car-forwarding software for model railroad enthusiasts. (3-22-03)
  • Dekosoft Trains for Microsoft Train Simulator: Produces quality virtual models and accessories for Microsoft Train Simulator. (12-24-03)
  • Digital-Rails: A company creating routes, tools, and add-ons for Microsoft Train Simulator. (12-24-03)
  • Driving Railway, Easy Train, and Design Railway: Drive your rail network using your PC running under windows 95. (2/19/00)
  • DRail Modelspoor Software: DRail lets you design layouts on your computer. DRail has predefined libraries of sectional and flex track of many manufacturers. (10-30-06)
  • El Dorado Software: Supplier of precision track planning and layout design software for model railroading hobbyists. Our latest offering of 3rd PlanIt for Windows. (12/9/97)
  • Facing Point Media: California company working with Amtrak to create highly-detailed routes and trainsets for Microsoft Train Simulator. (12-24-03)
  • HiRail Junction: HiRail Junction markets a state of the art O scale model train control system. Please visit our website for more information. (1-4-02)
  • GM&O SIMULATIONS: Payware and freeware F and E units, GP30's, GP40's GP40-2s GP8, GP10, GP11 and SD40 locomotives, add-ons for Miscrosoft Train Simulator. Established in 2002, creations since 2001. (10-12-06)
  • Interlocker: A computer aided layout design, scheduling, simulation and control package developed for the amateur railway enthusiast. (7/9/00)
  • INTERCHANGE - Model Railroad Freight Management Software: This is a leap forward in computerized car routing. This system is based not on sessions, but on the date you are modeling. You can run as many trains as you want, or not at all, for any given date. This program works by setting up shipments between an origin and destination, based upon date and season frequency. Ship to other layouts running this software. Linked layouts do not have to be the same scale! (10-9-03)
  • The JMRI project: We provide open source, multi platform, Java software and libraries for controlling a model railroad, including the popular DecoderPro decoder programming tool. (3-4-04)
  • KAM Industries: Supplies software tools and development kits that allow end users and software developers to use the NMRA Digital Command Control Standard to run model railroad layouts. Demos software for command and control of DCC and non-DCC systems. (6/26/97)
  • Mad River & Big Timber Waybills: Very easy to use Windows-based FREE software to generate waybills. Designed for modular RR clubs but will work for permanent layouts too. Does not track individual freightcars but assumes switching from a yard to an industrial spur. Extremely flexible switching scenarios. (3-3-10)
  • Maple Leaf Tracks, Inc.: A Canadian company that makes detailed expansion software for Microsoft Train Simulator. (11-10-03)
  • Microsoft Train Simulator: Microsoft's home page for Train Simulator. (7/15/01)
  • Mike Rose Hobbies: Distributor of Cool Chem Cyanopoxy, both retail and wholesale, to the hobby. Modeling info on this site as well, Rust, Fading, Prototype. (5-16-02)
  • Minirail: A Windows program designed to generate switchlists for model railroads to give some purpose and meaning to your operations. (3/15/98)
  • Model Railroad Roster: This is a Windows program for Prototype operation of your railroad. (10-16-04)
  • Model Train Graphics: Model trains scenery and dioramas made easy! Create buildings, graffiti, signs, windows, and more for your Model Train Layout with our easy to use software.  Have more fun with your miniature hobby while saving money. Check out our software today! (6/27/07)
  • Your personal, online model railroad inventory management system. Built for model railroaders, by a model railroader. (10-29-05)
  • MRTT - Model Railway TimeTable: Software to show your admiring audience what is happening on your model railway! (10-28-06)
  • Nimoweb: Additional trains for the MM&MM-Railway-Screensaver. (12-29-03)
  • Opaku's train kit : English version: Javascript for the web-railroad with running train-gif on your page. (6-30-03)
  • ProTrak Model Railroad Total Operations Software: Describes how you can get into operations with the only realtime operations software based on actual railroad procedures. Also shows example paperwork from prototype railroads. (3/28/99)
  • RailOp: A computer program designed to create the paperwork needed to easily move freight and trains of all types over your railroad. (8-4-02)
  • Raily for Windows: Plan your model railroad in 3D. Raily software has its own engine and therefore interacts as little as possible with Windows. If Windows 95/98/NT runs on your PC, Raily will too. (5/20/01)
  • RailEdit 1.0: Layout planning software for the Macintosh. (4-18-04)
  • RailModeller - Model Railroad Trackplanning for MacOS: Create trackplans for model railroads or similar systems, e.g. racing-car systems. Several libraries containing tracks from various vendors are included. (12-15-02)
  • Railroad & Co: A system to operate a model railroad layout from a Personal Computer running Windows 3.1, 3.11, 95, or Windows NT. (6/26/97)
  • Rail Fonts: Your source for over 45 railroad lettering, railroad romans, alphabets, silhouettes and more font sets. All font sets may be ordered in Windows or Mac versions. Shop on-line in our secure store or download our complete catalog and mail us your order. (5-7-04)
  • Sandia Software: Home of quality software such as CadRail for railroaders. (5/4/97)
  • SCARM - Simple Computer Aided Railway Modeller: Sofia, Bulgaria. SCARM is freeware program for simplified design of scaled model railway layouts and modelling of miniature model track routes. It has lightweight and intuitive user interface, 3D view and many other features.. (12-1-10)
  • Scotware: The home of Railfan Express, the inventory software for the model railroader. Also offering a collection of FREE railroad screensavers. (1-5-02)
  • Shenandoah Software: MiTrains Inventory System software for Windows. A complete inventory for all railroad equipment. Includes a database for all Micro-Trains(tm) cars. (1/28/98)
  • Sillub Technology: Producers of TrkCad layout design software. (5/4/97)
  • Sonora Software - Model Railroad Products: Operating software for model railroads since 1981. (3/16/00)
  • SSI Model Railway Control System: Highly realistic level of layout control. Looks and operates like real IECC (Integrated Electronic Control Centre) systems, commonly used across the UK and the World. (11/15/06)
  • Stan's Software for Model Railroaders: Software for model railroaders of any scale. Featuring Handy Converter with conversions and essential calculations. Several free downloads too! (9-27-04)
  • Stormy Acres: Contains DCC software and personal layout photos and information on owners layout. (12-6-02)
  • Surviving World Steam Locomotives: CD-ROM containing a database of surviving steam locomotives worldwide, for Microsoft Windows. Contains 18,000 locomotives, 600 photographs, and several sound clips. (12-26-01)
  • Tayden Design: We are Software Corporation that provides Hi-Tech solutions for the Model Railroading world. Based on years of customers opinion and suggestions we have designed an entire new concept in model RR control especially for the model railroader. (3-11-02)
  • Templot Track Design software: Track design software intended primarily for modellers who construct their own track. (7-29-01)
  • Third Rail: We sell The Collector© and its companion product Address Manager© software as a complete package designed for those who collect unique items, or manage collections, such as model trains. (8/25/97)
  • TouchCab: Model railroad software for the iPhone and Mac OS X. (3-25-09)
  • is a comprehensive, web-based inventory system designed especially for model railroading enthusiasts and collectors. (7-18-02)
  • TrainPlayer and TrackLayer: TrainPlayer offers mouse-driven armchair model railroading, allowing you to operate simulated trains on famous model railroad layouts, all using your computer. (1-25-06)
  • TPL: Train Programming Language: The ultimate software for the Märklin Digital system. (8/25/97)
  • TrainTrack Model Railroad Inventory Software: A Windows program for keeping track of your rolling stock. (12-4-04)
  • Trainz in a virtual world: See your Trainz in a virtual world. Tutorials, content, downloads, tips, links to resources and more. (4-9-04)
  • Trainz Virtual Railroading: Trainz is virtual railroading for PC's. Website contains latest information and downloads. (3-26-02)
  • U-Boat Central for Microsoft Train Simulator: Add-on locomotives for Microsoft Train Simulator. GE U-boat and series 7 locomotives, as well as some GM's. Various freeware add-ons are also available here. (1-6-05)
  • WiThrottle: Use your iPhone or iPod touch as a wireless DCC throttle. (1-16-10)
  • Winona Garden Railway: Custom painting and modifications to large scale outdoor garden trains. Sound and R/C systems installed. (1-27-03)
  • WinRail layout software: Design your layout on the computer. Libraries for all brands and gauges included.  (1-30-03)

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