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Model Railroad Layout Tours: Narrow Gauge

  • 12 Mile Station: Home of the Rock County Railroad in On30, Featuring frequent updates (5-16-04) (Dates shown are original entry dates.)
  • Albula & Landwater Railway: On3 model railroad layout. (English/Deutsch) (2/6/99)
  • Albulabahn RhB In H0m Scale: Modular layout featuring the most spectacular points of the Rhaetical Railway in Grisons, Switzerland. (English/Deutsch) (3/4/99)
  • Annie's Zoo Trains: A look at Anne Ogborn's HOn30 Zoo Train module. (4/5/03)
  • Colorado & Western Railroad: Barry Bogs' (MMR) indoor G/Gn3 22.5 scale model railroad. This is a 'dual' gauge layout designed for operations. It features scratch-built K class engines, on-board sound, EasyDCC and RailOp software for operations. (12-20-04)
  • Cudgewa - The Shelley Railway Company: A HOe (HOn30) version of Victorian Railways' branch line operations in North East Victoria. (12-12-06)
  • Dave Burroughs' D&RGW In On3: A freelance On3 model railroad based on the Denver & Rio Grande Western narrow gauge in Colorado and New Mexico. (1/23/00)
  • Denver & Rio Grande Western: Lex Parker's D&RGW On3 layouts. (4/6/99)
  • Dutton Bay Tramway: John Dennis' freelanced HOn30 railway based in South Australia's Eyre Peninsula. The layout has a long history, and was first exhibited in 1988. (6/30/97)
  • Lost Creek Railroad: On30, small Mining layout from 200 x 50 cm, language is netherlands but, a lot of pictures. (3-13-06)
  • Lynton & Barnstaple Railway extension County Gate: A scratch built 009 layout of a project extension of the railway to Minehead. Period, June 1935.  (12-29-06)
  • Marek Mountain Railroad: Gn3 (22.5) scale, indoor, freelance layout based on a "what if" branch line in Colorado. Designed for Operations, using EasyDCC and RailOp software. Visitors welcome, Operators preferred. (12-20-04)
  • Mears' Madness: Jeff Reynolds has an informal club which meets at his house to build and operate Jeff's spectacular HOn3 model railroad of the Rio Grande Southern, featured in RMC. They call themselves the Mears Mad Men and they do some fantastic modeling. (6/30/29)
  • Mojave & Panamint Railroad: A small outfit located way out here in the Mojave Desert of California. Craig Tice's HOn3 layout as featured in RMC magazine. (6/30/97)
  • Narrow gauge railway model train layout construction: Narrow gauge railway model train layout construction from A to Z (6-9-06)
  • Narrow Gauge Mini Layout: HOe layout is German type Railroad (740mm by 394mm) and On30 layout is Japanese Human-powered Railroad (577mm by 360mm). (5/16/98)
  • Pacific Coast Air Line Railway - Representing the New On30: The ongoing Construction Saga of the PcalRway. A new age On30 layout. (5-28-04)
  • Peter's Web Page: I'm building a layout for Warley National Model Railway Exhibition. See how I'm progressing. There's only 5 months to go! (4/10/99)
  • Powhatan, Elkton & Nottoway: A G scale (1:20.3) indoor model railroad. The models operate on a 2.5 foot by fourteen foot switching diorama that is fully operational. (5/30/99)
  • The Purgatory & Devil River Railroad: The website contains photos, clinics, links and other useful information on this HOn3 Layout. (12-13-04)
  • Sloat Lumber Co.: Sn3 logging on a budget. Modeling California logging with lots of project ideas. (10/28/99)
  • Smith River Railroad: Freelanced On30 layout representing a New England Shortline complete with a New England Mill town and harbor. (2-8-07)
  • Sn3 Modeling - Welcome to the Dark Side!: I'm modeling the Rio Grande Southern from Ridgway to telluride as well as the Ouray branch of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad in S scale. . (1-24-09)
  • Wetekamp: A German layout modeled in 1/4 scale, with information on the scale and many photos of the layout.(7/5/00)

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