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Equipment / Rolling Stock:

  • ABV, Ltd:
    Long-run production of the ties and the complementary parts for track.
    Development engineering of the track vibro-protection constructions.
    Take care of all your equipment and service needs,
    from mass transit high speed trains, to passenger and freight railways.

  • American Allied Railway
    A supplier of freight car components.
  • American Railcar
    Rolling stock manufacturer, lessor, and repair
    services provider for the railroad industry. (6/23/97)

  • ARINC: Surface
    Transportation Systems
    Since 1929, ARINC has been a leader in
    providing communications and information services to the transportation
    industry, particularly railroads. (8/26/97)

  • Bethlehem Steel:
    Official website for the car and rail manufacturer. (4/22/00)

  • Bilevel Gallery Commuter
    Photos, plans and specification sheets on ex-C&NW
    bilevel gallery commuter railcars, formerly in service on Metra. Also
    information on E8/E9 locomotives. (9/15/99)

  • Blue Water Enterprises Inc.
    FOR SALE: Flat cars, Ballast cars,
    Aggregate cars, Coal cars, Tank cars, Box cars, Rail Cranes, and MOW Equipment.
  • Bombardier:
    Manufacturer of passenger and rail commuter equipment.(English/French)

  • Cattron: Design,
    production and service of portable radio remote control systems, RF data
    links, and related products for monorails, locomotives (underground and
    yard switching), ballast car doors, and more. (7/17/98)

  • Claremont Concord Railroad
    Serving Lebanon and Claremont, NH. Freight services,
    restorations, repairs and rebuilds. (12-21-04)

  • Central
    Manufacturer of rail car movers and hi-rail gear
    attachments such as the Shuttlewaggon and Ryd-A-Rail hirailer. (7/17/98)

  • Colorado
    Manufacturer of tallest railcars in North America
    for tourism and public transportation. (1-17-03)

  • Comet Industries:
    Supplier of new and reconditioned railroad components and air braking
    systems. (8/26/97)

  • CyberTran Information
    A new concept in mass transit and high speed rail. (5/4/97)

  • David Clark Company:
    Noise Attenuating (Reducing) Headsets for all types of railroad
    applications help reduce hearing loss either on locomotives or
    maintenance-of-way equipment. (7/17/98)

  • DLL Inc:
    Specializing in new, repair and reconditioning of locomotive and transit components.
  • DW Electrochemicals
    Manufactures a product Stabilant 22, a contact-enhancer,
    used by CN and CP railroads among other companies. (8/26/97)

  • Express Yard - by SSG Innovations LLC
    Express Yard is an online
    and wireless handheld based software system for managing the daily
    operations of a railcar repair and maintenance facility.
  • EPESEM-Stoebner: Railway
    signalling, PN, control desks, specific development, laser wagon, and
    more. (1/21/00)

  • Fairbanks Morse: Engine
    Official homepage for this locomotive/engine
    manufacturer. (7/31/97)

  • FM/ALCO Engines: The
    Official FM/ALCO web site: the OEM source for all of your ALCO engine
    needs. (7/31/97)

  • General Electric
    Transportation Systems
    Designers and manufactures of
    diesel-electric, electric, AC and DC freight and passenger locomotives
    such as the Dash 9 series. (6/23/97)

  • GM: Electro-Motive
    Major manufacturer of freight and passenger
    locomotives. (11/9/98)
  • Harmer Steel - Railway
    Material Specialists
    : This
    website contains information about Harmer Steel's most frequently
    specified products, which are summarized in the Online Catalog. (5/14/01)

  • Indusco: Specializes in
    locomotive parts, armature and stator coils, electric motors,
    gearmotors, speedreducers, and more. (8/14/97)

  • International Track
    Systems, Inc.
    Supplier of rubber and plastic products to the
    Railroads and Transit Systems. (10/27/99)

  • Interstate Diesel
    & McBee Supply
    The fuel injection O.E.M. for the
    Electromotive Division of General Motors, plus supplier of diesel parts
    to other railroads as well. (7/21/97)

  • Locomotive Components & Services, Inc.
    New, rebuilt, and qualified used
    components for EMD, ALCO, and GE locomotives. (12-4-01)

  • W.E. Lott Co.:
    Manufacturers of hopper car door frames, locks, and other railroad castings. Providing
    successful casting solutions to the nation's railcar manufacturers.


  • Microphor:
    Products listing: Microflush Half Gallon Toilets, FDA approved Waste
    Treatment System for direct discharge to track, Waste Retention Systems,
    Self-Cleaning Slow-Closing Faucets, and numerous other products,
    including custom fabrication and weldments. (10/12/97)

  • Morrison Marine &
    Intermodal Services USA
    Manufacturer of intermodal cargo
    control systems including all inter box connector equipment for well
    cars, double stack containerized train operation. (4/22/00)

  • MotivePower
    A leader in the manufacturing and distribution of
    engineered locomotive components and parts; provides locomotive fleet
    maintenance, remanufacturing and overhauls; and manufactures
    environmentally friendly switcher, commuter and mid-range locomotives up
    to 4,000 horsepower. (2/6/98)

  • National Railway
    The exclusive distributor of ERB-C and NRS chargers,
    Yuasa-Exide batteries and chargers for railway communications and signal
    batteries. (6/29/97)

  • National Steel Car
    Since 1912 National Steel Car has continuously designed
    and manufactured reliable freight equipment, to suit the ever-changing
    standards and requirements of the railroad industry. (7/21/97)

  • New York Air Brake:
    Supplier of innovative train control systems for the railroad industry.

  • Nortrak:
    Nortrak supplies railway trackwork to a full range of customers from
    Industrial sidings, Class 1 trackwork and the special needs of the
    Transit Industry. (7-15-02)
  • Orthstar: Has
    extensive "fail-safe" design and development experience in Railroad and
    Transit Systems development. (7/17/98)

  • Pratt: Leading
    manufacturer and marketer of advanced intermodal equipment which
    includes a trailer division, container chassis division, load securement
    devices, custom fabricating and precision machining division. (9/19/98)

  • Procor: Procor manages
    Canada's largest private rail car rental fleet, in excess of 20,000
    conventional and special purpose tank and freight cars. Procor has a
    rail car manufacturing facility in Oakville and Canada's most complete
    network for leased cars. (3/2/98)

  • Rail Car Mover: Industry Online
    Discussing all aspects of the rail
    car moving and manufacturing industry.


    Online source for solar L.E.D. railway hazard lights. These new generation lights are
    completely self-contained and feature zero maintenance/servicing.

  • Railroad Contractor
    Walled Lake, MI. Railmark Track Works Inc.
    (RTW) provides full-service track construction and maintenance services
    to the railroad industry, industrial shippers, municipalities and port authorities.

  • "Ride On" Narrow Gauge Railways
    Dealer in new and used real miniature trains
    you can Ride On Top of, or Inside of. 7 1/2 Gauge thru 16" Gauge.
    Suitable for Gardens, Parks, Estates, Backyards. (8-6-03)

  • Rotem Company
    Rotem is a manufacturer of rolling stock and railway system.


  • SAIC: Provides
    custom solutions for processing and inspecting heavy volumes of incoming
    and outgoing of intermodal equipment. (7/17/98)

  • Safe Harbor Access
    The leader in providing customized safety access and
    fall protection systems for liquid bulk tank car loading and unloading
    applications. (6/05/98)

  • Severn-Lamb:
    Building trains from the smallest gauge up to 36" gauge, all beautifully
    detailed, including authentic Great Western and Old American style
    trains in a choice of drive systems. Built Disneyland Paris' trains.

  • Sherwood Electromotion Inc.:
    Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada.
    Experts in locomotive propulsion systems technology. Serving the Rail
    Transportation Industry, we specialize in extending traction motor,
    generator, and auxiliary power equipment life and increasing reliability
    through rigorous overhaul processes. By utilizing dedicated,
    time-tested methods we are able to rebuild and restore locomotive
    propulsion systems equipment for return to service with the most
    important quality of dependability. (1-25-11)
  • Stoughton Trailers:Trailers and containers commonly
    found in intermodal service for many railroads. Online catalog. (9/19/98)

  • Sweeney
    Sweeney has been supplying tools to the diesel and
    railroad industries for more than 50 years. (6/23/97)
  • Talgo Rebuild Center:
    A Rail/Locomotive Repair facility located in Livingston, Montana. Set up
    in an old NP/BN facility, LRC is celebrating 10 years of service. LRC
    does contract repair for any and all railroads and private owners. (6/05/98)

  • Timken: Timken has made bearings for more
    than 100 years. They are used by all Railways across the world.


  • Trackmobile: The
    originator of the mobile railcar mover, a vehicle with a bi-modal
    transport system providing an efficient and economical means of
    switching railcars within industrial plants and railroad terminals.

  • Traction Motor Service, Inc: Rebuild, Rewind, Remanufacture traction motors
    and generators for Mass transit, Industrial RR, and Class I & II RR.


  • Trantac Transportation Systems: Offers container system, bulk material
    containment and transportation system. (2-25-04)

  • Trinity
    Industries Inc - Rail Group
    Trinity Rail Group is a leading worldwide
    manufacturer of railway freight wagons and components, with manufacturing operations
    throughout North America and Europe. (6-20-02)

  • TTX Company: Provider of
    pool service railway cars. (5/18/00)

  • Unilok-Rail Car
    Uniloks are purpose built rail wagon movers that travel as easily on
    road as on rail. Uniloks carry out shunting tasks that locomotives 4 to 5 times their
    weight would do, but with greater mobility and at a fraction of the cost.
  • Union Tank Car Company
    Leases and manufacturers railroad tank and covered
    hopper cars to companies for shipping their products. (7/21/97)

  • Wabash National:
    The leading manufacturer of bimodal vehicles with its RoadRailer®
    products (AutoRailer®, PupRailer® and RoadRailer® vans). In
    addition, Wabash designs, manufactures, and markets the AllRailer®,
    a lightweight, high speed modular railcar.
  • WaveNet International - AEI Readers and Support: Manufacturer of industrial,
    rugged, and economical AEI readers that comply with the Association of American
    Railroads (AAR) S-918 AEI specification. (4-27-05)

Lessors, Suppliers & Dealers:

  • Bretzel's
    International Attic
    List of used railroad equipment for sale.

  • Chicago Freight Car Leasing
    A full service operating lessor of covered hopper cars. We
    provide railcars for use by both railroads and private shippers
    throughout North America. (7/20/97)

  • Classic Rail Cars:
    Private passenger cars available for charter or lease. (7/21/97)

  • Equipment Leasing
    A nonprofit organization representing the
    broad-based equipment leasing and finance industry to the business
    community, government and the media. (7/21/97)

  • GATX: For nearly a
    century, GATX had built a substantial resource in railroad tank and
    freight cars, bulk-liquid terminals and pipelines, ships, warehousing,
    and commercial aircraft. (6/20/97)

  • GE Capital Rail
    Locomotive and freight leasing. (3/12/00)

  • Great
    Atlantic & Pacific Railway Co
    Streamlined passenger
    equipment for sale. (7/21/97)

  • NorRail: Provides a
    wide range of rail-related services from buying, selling and leasing of
    new and pre-owned railcars, to professional management services. (6/23/97)

  • Pennsylvania Railcar:
    Manufacturer of replacement parts, plug door, sliding door, outlet
    gates, and various other car parts. (3/30/98)

  • Rail Merchants
    Saves and finds new homes for railroad rolling
    stock and artifacts, also providing charter and investment
    opportunities. (1/30/99)

  • Rio Grande Chemical: RGCX:
    Providing customers with quality rolling stock and flexible leasing
    packages along with related logistics services. (6/22/97)

  • Rocky Mountain
    Transportation Services
    Railcar leasing and management. AAR
    symbols ROCX and MTNX. (7/20/97)

  • Tealinc: Railcar
    and Locomotive Leasing. (3-28-03)

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