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Beginner Page Consist

Why Model Railroad?
An overview of some of the benefits to model railroading. (revised 01/23/01)

The Basics

Here are three articles that were printed in Railroad Model Craftsman. They are used with permission of both author and RMC. At the beginning of the articles, RMC said, "The basics of model railroading are not difficult to master, but some ways of doing things are better than others. Roger Hensley spent several years behind the counter of a hobby shop in Anderson, Indiana, guiding newcomers through their early months in the hobby. In this series, Roger will share his experiences and suggestions with us on various aspects of building a model railroad."

Scales & More

Let's Build, electrical

Our overview of the technology involved begins here with three track plans. Model trains require electricity to operate and you will be guided through a simple oval on to more extensive small layouts.

Let's Build Benchwork

Let's Build Trackwork

Let's Build Scenery

Let's Build with Wood

Let's improve the rolling stock

  1. Build simple kits - Athearn, Roundhouse, etc.
  2. Weight
  3. Knuckle Couplers
  4. Wheels, metal or plastic?
  5. More on metal or plastic wheels
  6. Weathering
  7. Retrucking old r-t-r cars - 1/12/05

Troubleshooting Problems

The NMRA Achievement Program

DCC Basics


  1. Magazine Lists
  2. Book List
  3. NMRA Resources
  4. Local Clubs
  5. The Internet

Beginner's Glossary

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Visit the Scratchbuild Showcase/Kitbash Korner pages of the NMRA web site
(Off-site link) for samples of different modeler's efforts.

If you have beginner questions you just can't find the answer to, please be as specific and detailed as possible, put BP at the beginning of your subject line along with your subject and send them to: TJ Klevar . No guarantees, but we will help if we can.

Page last updated January 12, 2005